Here We Go Again…

It has come to my attention that regrettably once again Gemma Gary has issued a statement from her blog  about myself that is both incorrect and deliberately misleading.  Here is a link to what has been written: Gemma Gary Response 2 It’s difficult to know how long this has been published on the net as there is a very misleading date heading the statement of November 1st 2012.  Given the content, this statement is obviously referring to A Can of Worms which was not published until May 25 2013.

Firstly she starts off with rather vague references to ‘false claims’ and ‘barely hidden personal agendas’ without explaining what these are, thereby rendering it impossible for further comment.  We then wander into a very strange situation where I find my Christian name  has been subjected to the spurious “inverted commas” treatment, another one added in brackets, followed by half my surname.  Maybe it’s a deconstruction with a twist?  <I’ve been watching too many ‘foodie’ programmes!>  Or…maybe Gemma is confusing me with my younger sister Sue who lives in Canada, a formidable Witch in her own right.  I think Ms Gary needs to get her facts right before publishing such bizarre comments – I can assure her that  Sue Latham is not a name I have ever been called.

However, even this is beside the point.  Countless people experience name changes in their life and I fail to see anything untoward in this, despite the unspoken suggestion otherwise.  Indeed what is even more perplexing is the fact that Ms Gary has undergone several name changes herself, but I don’t feel the need to refer to her as “Gemma” (Shane) Gary.  However, I suppose it is one step up from being referred to as ‘that woman’ as was the case previously.  See A Response to Bruised Egos The final paragraph ends with the odd accusation of ‘cultural racism’ in response to someone simply mentioning when Gary moved to Cornwall.  However, that’s not for me to answer as this was a direct quote from an academic’s work,  so I suggest that she takes up any issue she has with the person concerned directly.  Incidently I had no reason to question this claim as the late Nineties coincided with when I first met Ms Gary , or Shane Gary as he was then.  Shane was a quiet, reserved young lad in his late teens who approached me to ask for teaching in the ways of witchcraft.  I turned him down because I had given up teaching at that time.  In view of recent developments, I think that was just as well!

The rest of the statement only reiterates what has been said before regarding Traditional Cornish Witchcraft which has already been dealt with in the past – see Necessary Rebuttals I cannot see any merit to continuing these debates as it is obvious to anyone that this is a situation where we will have to agree to disagree.  Whenever anyone publishes a book(s)/blogs/articles etc.  it has to be understood that there will inevitably be criticism of that work in some form or another, as not everyone will agree with your point of view.  It would be beneficial to Ms Gary to be realistic and to accept this and move on in her life.


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  1. I haven’t yet read the back story, but starting with untruths about your name puts the whole blog in question. I wonder why people feel the need to troll the blogosphere instead of getting on with their lives in a constructive way. It’s sad really that someone can carry grudges for so long and to this extent.

  2. What a load of old tosh this individual writes! So keen to spout a diatribe of rubbish that he/she hasn’t even bothered to check for spelling mistakes! Quite frankly, Ms Gary is lucky you even dignified it with a response.

  3. Sorry to see this has reared its ugly head again. I was reading your calm and informative post when I got rather flummoxed – did you say Gemma Gary is/was a man?! I can’t say I would have guessed it from his/her photos. A rather amusing faux pas by GG then on the whole issue of “names”!

  4. Yes that is true Candy. I don’t have any problem with anyone who wishes to change their gender identity, that’s not the issue here. However, yes it does seem a little ironic that she seems to have problems with other people’s names!

  5. It’s prevalent in the community these days, this ‘calling out’ of people. I think the problem is that people begin to believe their own hype or get caught up in believing they are the be all and end of all of a particular area of knowledge and apply some sort of guruship to themselves. They begin to think that they’re more well known or more popular than they really are and it allows them to think they can go after anyone. Did not know that Gemma used to be a man, learn something new everyday (not that it is an issue in the least).

    Your response was classy. It addressed the issue in a mature fashion without accusation, innuendo or defensiveness. It’s a shame others can’t follow that example.

  6. I am writing this at the time of the New Moon (30th Jan) which this year synchronises with the New Moon cycle of the Celtic Fire Festival of Brigantia (1st Feb) and the Great Lunar Year – an auspicious time for personal insights and prophetic vision, This brief moment in time marks three sacred and magical days when the Moon remains invisible until the slender lunar crescent appears in the night sky. Working with the natural rhythmic cycles of the Moon is an essential part of my life, as it is with pagans and the people who practise witchcraft.. But I am not a practitioner of this ancient craft – Druidry, the Qabalah and Celtic lunar astrology is my forte. This is a brief introduction of where I am coming from so to speak.

    I have known Cassandra for many moons and I know her to be a person of integrity and a remarkable self-effacing honesty. Over the last few years she has been the target along with her partner Tia of a vicious vendetta from people who were once her so-called friends. I am not just referring to the recent blogs on her website, which on the surface appears to be a matter of differing approaches and viewpoints regarding witchcraft. This has led to unnecessary and unpleasant insults from the other party and others working in the background – you know who you are.

    This type of personal attack is symptomatic of a person/people who are not working with the magical healing energies that can be channelled from the Great Mother Godess in her many aspects/dimensions of: earth, fire, water, air and aided by the Elemental Kingdom. This saddens me. While we all do things we later regret – this is really the time to move forwards with the New Dawn of Brigantia – less we stand still and degenerate into the lower plane of morality, thus debasing and corrupting the mind, body and spirit. On the other hand the Qabalists who believe in natural justice would remind you that ‘the Universal Law of Rebound’ is awesome to behold.

    Helena Paterson

  7. I like reading your little bloggins. A word of advice i’ll share only once because if it’s repeated too many times it’ll av’ an adverse affect…Here it is…. Don’t Feed The Trolls!!!
    It only encourages them to grow and reproduce. Best be quiet and step over em’ so’s not to have em’ poke their heads out from under the bridge. A Witch should know that.. ha ha! 😉 Take care me luver!

    1. Thank you for your comments and advice Richard. Believe me when I say that mostly I do not respond to such reports – however, every now and then a stand needs to be taken especially when your very identity is put into question publicly. 🙂

  8. Couldn’t you just let sleeping dogs lie? It has been my experience that if you ignore the sophomoric comments of those seeking attention it will eventually die down and go away. Making another post only seems to escalate the issue. Of course conflict is part of the human experience but it seems like everyone spends too much dismantling each other rather than working for the common good. On a side note pointing out someone’s real name is kinda raffish don’t you think? Sure she did it too but two wrongs don’t make a right. I think you two just need to sit down together over a spot of tea and bury the hatchet (not literally, lol). Regardless, I think highly of you both and I adore the chants you provided in ‘Village Witch’.

    1. Thank you for your feedback Lysander. Publishing nefarious, untrue accusations is not my idea of a ‘sleeping dog’ and I have responded only twice in the last 12 months which is hardly escalation.

      As for being called ‘raffish’…well I am a cunning woman and when needs be I will stand up for myself and others who I feel are being treated unfairly/unjustly. After all, one of my fictional mentors was Mrs Doasyouwouldbedoneby in Charles Kingsley’s The Water Babies! 😉

      1. Was this publication in print or just via her web-space? Because I think that makes a difference as anyone say make claims on the internet without having to back up their claims which is sad affair in of itself. Personally, I see any response as an escalation. Ignoring baseless comments is the best course of action don’t you think? I mean I think your track record should speak for itself. Just saying. Perhaps the raffish comment was a bit harsh, lol. I often choose verbiage that comes across as curt, lol. Regardless, I wish you both the best and I hope you publish again ❤ Do you plan on writing again?

  9. What difference does it make whether it is in web-space or ‘hard copy’? It still reaches many people whichever method is used.

    Should one respond to baseless comments? I can see for and against there, and I think I feel a blog posting coming on about that very subject! 😉

    I didn’t find the raffish comment harsh btw – it’s not the first time I have been called that and I’m sure it won’t be the last!

    I didn’t plan to write again but never say never….

    Finally as these responses are starting to ‘escalate’ and this is a blog rather than a forum, maybe it’s time to call a halt to this particular thread. Thank you for your input and I’m glad that you see both sides of the situation. 🙂

  10. I’m impressed, I have to admit. Rarely do I encounter a blog that’s both educative and interesting, and without a doubt, you have hit the nail on the head. The problem is something too few men and women are speaking intelligently about. I am very happy that I stumbled across this in my hunt for something regarding this.|

  11. For your information, Gemma Gary and partner moved to Launceston Cornwall in early 2018, but the website still gives the impression they are still living and working in West Cornwall.

  12. So I am quite late on this post but I stumbled onto it while researching this author “Gemma Gary.” Her books seem to come up on many recommended reading lists even to this day. I would like to pose a direct question: If “Gemma” is going to behave in this way towards to another witch/author (“have a go at them,” as you say,) can Gemma’s information within his/her books be considered as valid or credible? If you did not teach her, where did she ultimately learn The Ways? Authenticity is important. There is not much information out there on this author’s background. Perhaps there is a reason for this. I have read your book, Cassandra and I find it to be very down-to-earth and honest. I value integrity and honesty above all. Thank you.

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