Photo credit: John Isaac
Photo credit: John Isaac

I have had the privilege to be the Village Wisewoman of St Buryan situated in the wilds of West Cornwall for over 30 years.  In March 2010 I retired from full time employment and I thought I might find time for a well-earned rest – I should have known better!  People from my community and further afield still contacted me when they needed help and I slowly realised that it was well nigh impossible to ‘retire’ as a village wisewoman – it’s a job that continues and will only stop with my demise.  For those that require it there is more information on my Website

I was ‘made in Cornwall’ but was adopted as a small baby and brought up in East Anglia, and it wasn’t until the death of my adoptive parents in my mid twenties that brought me back to my homeland once more.   Shortly after and following a sequence of bewildering events I dedicated myself to the Old Ones and have explored and studied the Old Ways and listened to the heartbeat of this ancient Land ever since.

Here’s some footage filmed by Open University about the sort of work I can do.  🙂

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  1. Watched your video’s really interesting, Just brought your book Village Witch, in fact received it today by post so will be starting it tonight. really looking forward to reading it. I feel the truth flows from you, and honestly….. Thank you for sharing your work, thoughts, and spells. hugs sent your way x

  2. Thank you for allowing me in to your group, I know I will learn so much from you. Wise woman that you are…. I’m so happy I found your page. I have watched many videos and read many books just lately, but your book and video stood out, it shouted the truth, honestly. and many many things you have wrote about I have found to be true in my life. I thank you once again for sharing and look forward to learning more from you. sent with love in my heart . x

  3. I have quick question about your book. What are the differences between been the first and second editions? I used to buy from Troy Books but thei prices and some of their politics have affirmed for me that my money is best spent elsewhere.

    1. Thank you for your enquiry Khul. When my publishers changed from Troy Books to Mandrake of Oxford, I had to keep the text intact with no changes, although I could make additions. I did write another chapter to be included but this was considered to be too controversial for inclusion, so a short addendum was inserted instead. I have on the advice of my present publisher, included this chapter in my blog which can be found under the heading of ‘A Can of Worms’ https://cassandralathamjones.wordpress.com/2013/05/25/a-can-of-worms/.

      The first edition’s artwork and photographs were withdrawn by their creators(Troy Books), so I found new replacements from local artists in Cornwall. Finally the second edition is paperback only, and less expensive retailing at £10.99 with a Kindle version available.

      I agree with you regarding the high prices for Troy Books which unfortunately takes them out of the reach of the average interested customer, but was unaware of their politics. Maybe you could enlighten me on this?

      Hopefully, this answers your enquiry? 🙂

  4. it’s good to hear from someone else as deeply immersed in this stuff. Am enjoying your book. Will be down to Boscastle for All Hallows and hope to see you dance. Dad used to live up at Trewethett, the cottage where the caravan site is, during WWII, the area is one of my faves still 🙂

  5. Hi Cassandra ,I love your approach to the craft I think your book is excellent I have never read a biography before so my first was yours what a lovely in site into your life heart warming and sad at times .life’s a funny old thing the way we all come from different back grounds to walk the crooked path

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