4 comments on “Make Do and Mend

  1. I do like the way you write, especially as it evokes in me memories of my past growing up in London and the hard times we went through. It is always nice to look back at a childhood that was perhaps not full of things, but so full of times.

  2. A very good blog people tend to forget how it used to be and most children find it hard to believe life was ever like that. Its all about image and money these days so it seems! 🙂 xx

  3. Were we sisters????? Your childhood sounds exactly like mine (growing up in south London) even down to joining the Brownies. I was a Sixer in the Fairies and I absolutely loved it. Life was hard but I don’t think that thought ever crossed our minds – we just accepted it and got on with it. But I do believe we were a lot happier than the children of the same age today.

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