10 comments on “A Double-Edged Sword

  1. The internet has been a blessing but it is also a curse. Before it took some effort to insult/harass someone. As you mentioned, poison pen letters, rumour starting – but it gave you space to work it out, and space to think about it. Now everything is so instant, a person can post a nasty comment and within 5 minutes you can have 100 people agreeing and adding their own insults. It’s incredible. The sad thing is, within the Pagan community, there seems to be this idea of ‘guruship’ whereby everyone jumps on a bandwagon and insults everyone else over their different ideas. I try to keep out of the dogma and infighting, it serves no purpose. I try to conduct myself on the net with integrity and don’t often, if ever, participate in conversations where someone is being bashed/insulted etc or arguments about the validity of some one else’s path, too much ridiculousness. I really only use Facebook to chat to friends or post cute cat pictures 🙂

  2. I too see the internet this way.

    Personally, I think it’s a great way of networking, and have met some good friends, not just from this green and pleasant land, but from shores afar. Friends I would never have made, but for the net.

    However. I have always had a certain amount of reality concerning what I reveal about myself online. Having been stalked myself for a while, it turned out to be quite prudent.

    But there are others with my name and mistakes often happen. One assumption made by my stalker was that I was a disabled old woman scrounging off the government! The stalker had picked up an article from a newspaper about a poor lady with the same name. So desperate was the stalker to ruin me, that she grabbed this newspaper article and attempted to twist and turn it in my direction. It was so stupid, it was funny and like most of it, I ignored it. Eventually she fell off the edge of the world.

    But I’m still cautious, as I never know when she might resurface. However, it hasn’t spoilt the net experience for me. Not one bit in fact. I still find it a fascinating way of communication, sharing, learning, chatting, and generally great fun! 🙂

    • Alway good to be vigilant and to be unambiguous when expressing opinions – it’s remarkable how some can take a comment and twist it into a completely different meaning to fit their agendas… 😦

      • Sadly, yes. The assumption is that what’s written is read in the voice of the reader, not the writer… and if that reader is less than friendly towards the writer then there’s trouble … this is because the sound of the voice is lost in the translation – there’s no face to face communication so the nuances of body language are lost… :/

        I recently followed a thread on FB were spam had been posted; myself and several others altered the admins to the spam, which was removed – only to find a whole tirade aimed at me this morning… flabergasted it took me a while to realise the person had read the thread after the spam had been removed and thought I was having ago at the OP! Quite funny when I realised … but this situation could turn nasty, if several of us hadn’t been online at the time, so they also know whats going on!

        We have to be so careful – say what you mean and mean what you say 🙂

    • Maybe people say things to you on the Internet that they wouldn’t have the courage to say to your face,I know to my cost that it doesn’t do to be different from the herd,especially if they are vindictive and shallow following each other

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