15 comments on “Cornish Penkevyll makes history by meeting the Welsh Mari Lwyd

  1. It was an amazing weekend. Rhys did so well to ride Penkevyll for quite a few hours without a break. I am pleased I was able to get so many good photos while juggling the water bottle and the bags, but managed it! Well worth it though! 🙂 x

  2. Great to hear this, Cassandra…. We lived near Chepstow for a while( Kelvin being half Welsh!} Loved it, especially the Forest of Dean, but never got to see this! Thanks. D and K.

  3. I always thought that we, in Evesham, had the best Morris dancing festival but this was just brilliant. Boekka really brought something special to it so well see you there again next year! If you make it to Evesham, that would be awesome 🙂

  4. HI trying to find out more background history to origins and meaning of penkevyll. are they similar to mari lwyd. and is penkevyll traditionally dark as opposed to the white of mari lwyd. saw you perform at chepstow earlier this year. thoroughly enjoyable nd spectacular

  5. What would you say to someone who isn’t practicing in the same way as you, who’s doing something many grumpy old witches see as some sort of jumped up newcomer, yet we find it works, and who’s in the USA, no less, who finds themselves occasionally, not with any regular time pattern, dreaming about skull topped Osses, and feels this is a call to build one, and begin work with it as a magical tool that isn’t part of their specific tradition?

    I had the same question about the stang, but found a cousin tradition willing to work with me about it.

    • I would say go ahead and create your Oss as you feel led to. You will find that the Oss is magical and has a special ‘afterlife’ of its own. I’m a great believer in following what resonates for the individual rather than follow blindly some tradition set in stone or preserved in aspic. In my opinion tradition needs to evolve in order to survive. Good Luck with your endeavours! Let me know how you get on. 🙂

      • I think my question was more triggered by the occasional responses from traditional witches who aren’t traditional Wiccans, as well as some reconstructionists, that Wiccans should leave well enough alone, and quit trying to culturally appropriate someone else’s living tradition.

  6. I don’t feel that a genuine seeker who hears a Call and responds to it in a respectful manner, as appropriating.

    Now there are some out there who see something and say to themselves “That looks cool – I’ll have some of that and it’ll make me look good”. People like that who are more concerned with image, ‘glamour’ and whether it’s marketable – they appropriate.

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