Further Dark Gathering information

Only a few weeks to go now and all sorts of exciting things are afoot…!

Responding to a need for more retail outlets to be available to folks after the festivities, many of the local establishments in Boscastle will be open later in the day.  Also we have secured the presence of Woody’s Pizza Van who are well known locally for delicious wood-fired pizzas.  They will be stationed outside the Spar shop from 5pm – 8 pm.  They come highly recommended!

Woody’s Pizza

I now have details of how those who can’t attend the Gathering for whatever reason can watch online or as good as.  You have the choice of two options on the day:

Option One – you can follow the proceedings via the Museum of Witchcraft & Magic’s YouTube channel here:

Museum of Witchcraft & Magic

There will be a slight delay on this option whilst the filming is uploaded to YouTube.

Option Two – follow live footage on our All Hallows Gathering Facebook group here:

All Hallows Gathering Boscastle

Both options require membership – there is no charge.  Of course if you’re an avid fan you could watch both!  😉

It’s startling to consider how our original spontaneous creation has now reached a global audience in just a few years.  Well done everyone!  😀

Lastly for now, on this night of the powerful Harvest Moon I send the call out to all of goodwill and merriment.  Come join with us at the All Hallows Gathering on Saturday 28th October 2017 to honour our ancestors and celebrate Summer’s end in the ancient village of Boscastle.  Help us a-conjure in the eldritch time of Halloween!





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