9 comments on “Nine and a Half Weeks … until All Hallows Gathering 2017

  1. Gosh I’ve gone all pink (again!) I’m just honoured to be involved. It’s looking absolutely fabulous so far and the prospect of seeing ot happen in real time is thrilling! I can’t wait to see the feeds. Lots of good luck, hard wishing and love coming from South Yorkshire. Have a great Dark Gathering everyone! xx

  2. Shame on me. I really should give a massive ‘thank you’ to John Isaacs for allowing me to use some of his amazing photography in the poster. Thanks, John! I’m looking forward to seeing what he captures at this year’s Gathering!

  3. Sounds like it will be a grand time Sis 🙂 A great big hello to Chris also ‘ waves madly ‘ Well done on the poster. Fabulous job. 😉 lots of well wishes to you Tia and Chris. xx

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