11 comments on “The Seen and The Unseen

  1. hi Cassandra a very good read and very true wish we could be with you on the 29th but the miles are to great as we just returned from our hols in cornwall hoping to retire there next year blessings to you all for samhain

  2. All the best for your dance with Catseye tomorrow! I hear a lot has been seen that should have remained ‘unseen’ 😉

    • Just for the record Gemma Gary, I have never danced with Catseye. However, the weekend at the Dark Gathering, Boscastle was a huge success and we especially enjoyed teazing Penkevyll the Oss. Many thanks for your ‘best wishes’. 🙂

      • The above comment made by Gemma Gary was written to make Cassandra aware that she knew the Squire of Catseye Morris had planned to ruin the 2016 All Hallows Gathering that weekend with her collusion. Gemma Gary’s comment was posted just after we had left for Boscastle so that we would read it after the occurrence.

  3. For the reader’s information, Gemma Gary and partner moved to Launceston Cornwall in early 2018, but the website still gives the impression that they are still living and working in West Cornwall.

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