The Dark Gathering


The time approaches rapidly for the All Hallows Gathering – or the Dark Gathering as it is affectionately known now.  This year it falls on Saturday 29th October and starts at the slightly later time of 3 pm.  Attending Morris sides this year will be:

Catseye Morris –

Wytchwood Morris –

Beltane Border Morris –

Directly as a result of the past few years’ success and subsequent upsurge into the local economy, we have received two sources of funding for our event.

The Museum of Witchcraft

The Boscastle Chamber of Commerce

Both businesses have given us generous sponsorship for which we gratefully thank them.

We have decided that we will welcome the Welsh Mari Lwyds with a Lantern Procession which will start at the main car park at around 5 pm and process accompanying the Maris down to the Museum.  Bring your own lantern and dress up if you feel in the All Hallows mood!

In the meantime back at the Museum, Penkevyll the Cornish Oss will be raising the energies to send a Call out to the Mari Lwyds to come and join our celebrations.  This will involve lots of tribal drumming.  If you wish to join us with your own drum at this point please do so.

Finally, as an appetiser here is some footage put together by Dougie & Angie Latham of last year’s festivities:

See you all at this year’s All Hallows Gathering!



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