8 comments on “Figures of Fun and Folklore

  1. Chris White is such a darling and very clever! We were blessed to find him. We three made a good team! 🙂 xxx

  2. I think this is absolutely brilliant!! – I especially love the doll/’lLittle Penk’ project.

    Fantastically talented ladies 🙂

  3. Your talents never fail to amaze ladies:)
    Very much looking forwards to this years `All Hallows Gathering`and meeting teaser n Penkevyll for the first time:)

  4. WoW great work 🙂 and great effort , as someone who loves sewing and making stuff I get it , but you all made them with such enthusiasm and love and it shows , I look forward to seeing them on my next trip to Boscastle 🙂

    • They won’t be at Boscastle Lorraine. We handed them over to Simon Costin who is the Curator of the Museum of British Folklore – he just happened to be at the Museum of Witchcraft that day. So we handed the dolls to him to take back with him instead of trusting them to the Royal Mail. 🙂

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