15 comments on “Needs Must When the Devil Drives

  1. “That’s the one thing we can always guarantee – All Things Will Change.” But not all change is for the better.

  2. Great blog post, Cassandra. Always look forward to reading your offerings andt thoughts. xo

    • I loved the Wise Woman chant, it reminded me of what witch craft really is. It had raw energy and took you to a diffrent place. Unfortunatly the Museum has changed and not always for the better.

  3. The new recording sounds like Jackanory time. A disappointing replacement for what was something quite atmospheric.

  4. I visited the museum again at the end of August, and I must say, I’m not particularly impressed with how things have changed thus far. One of my favourite areas of the museum was dismantled in favour of a bland exhibition space for art that isn’t really related to to the museum’s original purpose. As for Joan, I always thought your recording was fitting for the time period in which the wisewoman lived. It didn’t need to be changed, in my opinion. Thanks for speaking out on this!

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