Penkevyll makes it as a Cover Girl!

Shaman Penk Yes, Penkevyll the famous Lands End Obby Oss, has made it as Cover Girl to the glossies!

“Out soon – Indie Shaman ‪#‎shamanism‬ magazine Issue 25. A great time to subscribe – get Issue 24 on subscription and Issue 25 at the end of July at

Includes: ‘Cunning Folk’ a chat with Cassandra Latham-Jones;

‘Reconnecting To Ourselves Through The Consciousness Of Plants’ by Davyd Farrell;

‘Horse Scents’ by Hearth Moon Rising;

‘Working with Wolves: The Wolf Life Path Cards’ by Lorenzo Guescini;

Eoghan Odinsson continuing his series on Northern Plantlore with ‘Comfrey’;

An interview with G.W. Bénard;

‘Animals, a shamanic story’ by David Sparenberg;

Some thoughts on telepathy from Ann Fallas and columnist Yvonne Ryves in Shaman Moon;

Book reviews including Itzhak Beery’s ‘The Gift of Shamanism’ and ‘The Toltec Secret’ by Sergio Magaña Ocelocoyotl plus Shamanic Events calendar.

With thanks to all of the above contributors as well as to Mike Chapell for the wonderful front cover photo and wildlife photographer, Rochelle Kent-Ellis, and poet, Chris Roe, for the beautiful back cover. Thanks also to Peter Carter, Rebecca Orford and Jack and Nigel Dugdale for article photography. With special thanks to Martyn Kington for the inspiration and of course not forgetting grateful thanks to proof reader, Martin Pallot!”

I’m looking forward to receiving my copy at the end of the month when it will be added to my Archive.  🙂

Mag Article

My copy of ‘Indie Shaman’ arrived this morning with my article inside. A good quality glossy magazine. If you want to read the rest of the article you’ll have to get your own copy!  🙂


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