2 comments on “The Terrors of Public Speaking.

  1. Oh, how I would love to attend one of your talks. I’ve wanted to listen to more of what you have to say ever since I read and then immediately reread your amazing book. Unfortunately for me though, there’s a pretty decent bit of distance between us, the size of the Atlantic ocean. One day hopefully. In any case, I’m so glad it went well! I would’ve never even thought of those problems that could occur while giving a public talk either, even though they seem like common sense when you explain it.

    • Thank you Darryl for your kind comments. 🙂

      Sadly I have no plans to give talks in the USA/Canada unless some enterprising and well off folks can organise it!

      As for the public speaking problems you refer to – I found them out by trial and error, and I hope my post will be of use to others who may not be aware of the pitfalls.

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