11 comments on “Media Minefields

  1. Well said. I have to confess I did laugh out loud at the thought of anyone of the church having a heavenly theme played. Would make the TV shows more interesting “here is the local Vicar of Christchurch” accompanied by the Vicar of Dibbly theme. I have an interest in witches, folktales etc and recently bought a stack of books from The Works. The shop assistant took one look at me and asked me if I was a Witch? I was being pushing in a wheelchair, had on jeans, beanie hat, hair in plaits in rather boring attire! My husband was about to jump in to defend my choice of purchases but feeling rather jaded I jumped in and said “yes!”. Not comparing myself to the poor souls who were accused of Witchcraft hundreds of years ago but I must confess I found it amazing to even be asked??? I should have checked to see if the local news reported of witches buying books!

  2. I stumbled upon an older interview of yours years ago and have been an admirer ever since. When this new article came across my feed earlier this morning all I thought to myself was,
    “ah! a foolish journalist, but very happy to see that lady is still well!”
    I went looking for that old interview and rewatched it and was reminded of how much you inspired me when I first found it.

    We are living in very strange times and your presence has left a mark on a student of wildcraft all the way in Providence, RI, USA
    Thank you for your work and all you do.

  3. Well said Cassandra. I must admit when I began my apprenticeship with you as Wisewoman and Teazer, the inaccuracies of articles was a huge shock to me, especially when we had to deal with the consequences of their mistakes. As years have passed, I do not take them so seriously, as that is how ‘tabloids’ operate, but I understand your annoyance. Readers with intelligence will see it for what it is! 🙂 x

  4. Oh lovely Cassandra, I have followed you with interest ever since you first hit the news (I believe it was TSW and The Western Morning News). Having had the honour to meet you many times in the intervening years (you give the best hugs). It’s awful that we still feel shock at the gurt dollops of trash these people pass off as fact, the fact is although things have improved in the years I’ve been practicing the craft, it’s just not enough. I am unashamedly loud and proud to be The Witch on Wheels, you have to take some of the credit for that. By being loud and proud I can bust myths and make people see the good side of what we do. Please don’t get angry, just rise above it as you have always done, you are an absolute inspiration. Lots of love to you and Laetitia xxx

  5. There seems to be no middle ground with media. We feel like interviews should be part of both community education and personal promotion. But time and again, we’re “quoted” in the most sensational way. It helps no one–except media ratings.

  6. I did see a snippet of this interview on facebook, but thought the headline was rather sensationalised, and was well out of date. So sorry that they deceived you and upset you. xx

  7. I just read said article, and it led me to your blog. But I get the nuances that media implies by leaving out certain information. I am interested in what you are doing and congratulate yourself and your pardner for the work…..

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