Dark Gathering 2019 – Part Two

At last I have finished the Dark Gathering blog for the year! 🙂

The Dark Gathering

So to the second half of the Dark Gathering – the arrival of the Mari Lwyds and the Honouring of the Ancestors.  Following a quick and much needed mulled cider it was time to line-up the drummers ready to send the signal to the Procession to commence.  This is a part of the proceedings where the general public, if they have the ability, can join in with the tribal drumming.

Also this was the time for Penkevyll to emerge from her stable with her Teazers to call the Mari Lwyds to the Museum of Witchcraft & Magic.  As anticipated the Teazers led by Laetitia Latham-Jones danced and wove their magic upon the crowd and Penkevyll to the sound of trance-like tribal drumming.

Shortly after 6 pm the Lantern Procession headed off for the Museum led ably by Laura Marshall from Beltane accompanied by many differing characters including the famous Mari…

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2 thoughts on “Dark Gathering 2019 – Part Two

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  1. Hi Cassandra, Thanks for sending out your photos and videos of the Dark Gathering 2019. Since I couldn’t be there in person it was great to see it via your emails. Wishing you a well deserved rest. BB, Annabeth xx

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  2. Thank you! I’ve visited the museum and town and hope to attend in the future. I live in Texas but if New Orleans can make it so shall I ! Thank you for all your work and posting the festival for those far away! Carol McMillan

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