3 comments on “All Hallows Gathering 2017 – A Little Night Magic

  1. Loved reading part 2! It’s amazing how the event’s grown and the level of professionalism has grown with it. The volunteers were marvelous. Present, but never obtrusive, their confidence and competence really showed. I could see how the marchers were comfortable taking quiet cues from the marshals (the walkies were a great idea!) and the torch bearers were really sharp. Those things must be pretty hefty but the bearers didn’t fidget or shuffle about when they had to stand in place and knew their spots as if they’d been drilled to it. The quality of the torch heads was noticeable in the stills. I did wonder who made them and it was nice the way they appeared lit and vanished just as smoothly. I’m sure the photographers loved the beautiful flames too! Mr. Fox incorporated their torch lighting and dousing into their set really well so they could do it in plain sight as part of the performance. Thanks for including their prose too! Some lovely lines there reminiscent for me of Phil Lister’s work (he of Breignton Morris and the ultimate oft-imitated dancer Green Man). Thank you so much for including Paul Sumner’s lyrics too! I caught bits in the video and meant to ask you if you had the rest. I didn’t want to pester you though until I was sure you were over the event proper. It’s beautifully written and hits all the right marks! Chills and thrills and a gorgeous title, even! 😀 xxx

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