15 comments on “Evil Flourishes When Good Men Do Nothing

  1. I’ve always admired your bravery Cassandra. These are nasty situations to be in. Okay not everyone is comfortable with calling people out but there’s no excuse for toxic manipulation. I guess it keeps them off the streets. Stay strong.

  2. Unfortunately the aggression from the ‘squire’ reached such a point that I already decided to leave the side hours before we were dismissed. The spreading of serious false rumours is no doubt an attempt to ensure no other side will recruit us. They actively sought others from our past that we have had disagreements with and formed a ‘vendetta group’. It says more about the person who spreads these untruths than about us and this person has also spread false rumours about a member of another team he was ousted from. How sad.

  3. Well said Sis and good for you for standing up to those that speak such nasty and unfounded lies. The Truth will always prevail. Proud of you! x

  4. Been dealing with a situation for 3 years now that smells similar to yours and have been wondering about taking action. This post gave me my answer. Thank you.

  5. We have also discovered that the two parties spreading this particular false rumour have previously spread a similar false rumour concerning members of the Morris side they were ousted from. The truth will out…..

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