Update on the Dark Gathering 2017

Our 4th All Hallows Gathering will contain a few changes.  A fortnight ago I received an email from Angie Latham that said that she was stepping down from a few roles she held due to health reasons, and that this would include being Morris organiser for the Dark Gathering.  Although I was saddened to hear of her health issues, I understood the need for her to cut down on her responsibilities.  I want to take this opportunity of publicly acknowledging Angie’s hard work and commitment to the Gathering, and I personally thank her for her support and enthusiasm for this event from its small beginnings to the hugely popular happening we enjoy now.  Take a bow Angie!  😀

Moving on… Catseye Morris are unable to perform at the All Hallows Gathering for what appears to be the foreseeable future.  I am sure I am not alone in thanking the Catseye team for their unique contribution to the Gathering in the last couple of years.  In their place this year will be another Cornish side, Wreckers Border Morris.  Wreckers are an inclusive and energetic Morris side who are a lot of fun and we look forward to their performance alongside Beltane Border Morris and Wytchwood.

Wreckers Border Morris

Finally, it has been decided that it would be a good idea to have, if possible, a Guest Side each year.  So, the following invitation is going out to any side that would like to perform at our All Hallows Gathering:

We are sending an open invitation to any sides that consider themselves to be dark and edgy and preferably of Pagan persuasion (although not essential) to perform alongside Beltane Border Morris and Wytchwood Morris at the annual All Hallows Gathering at the Museum of Witchcraft & Magic.  If you are interested please apply to Event Organiser

At the end of each Gathering we will make an announcement about which side has been chosen as Guest Side for the following year.  Make sure you submit any offers early as we already have had interest shown from some Dark Morris sides.

There are several things planned for this year’s event but I will fill you in on those details nearer the time.  In the meantime, enjoy a taste of Wreckers performing Evesham Wheel at Restomel Castle.




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  1. Hi Cassandra – met you at John & Kitty’s years ago (Pagan Fed Scotland 2005) Dark Gathering looks wonderful – bringing my raggedy coat and a drum & booked a room for night – hope to see you and to be able to play along? Lou

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