16 comments on “Necessary Rebuttals

  1. Cassandra,

    This is excellent. A reasoned, calm, considered and level response. Just what it needs to be.

    I can’t imagine there was anyone who didn’t think that Gary had gone way too far with that one.

  2. I’m finding it rather amusing that I cannot leave a comment or send an email to Garys website. Obviously she has something to hide from.

  3. Well done for managing to write this so well Cassandra I know it was difficult to do as you have other urgent matters on your mind. I am shocked at these insults coming from someone who I thought was a close friend, so sad. 😦 xx

  4. I am amused to find that I apparently plagiarised a book I’ve never heard of to write Cassandra and Tia’s Handfasting ceremony.

    It makes me wonder where that material actually originates from, since all I used to write it was material that I have written since 1997, readily available poetry and readings from a variety of sources, and the odd snippet from books specifically on Handfasting. Plus new writing I came up with specifically for this ceremony. Draw your own conclusions…

    • How time flies! 🙂 This clip was 14 years ago when I was still referring to myself as a village witch. Towards the end of 2000 I started to call myself a village wisewoman as I had then entered cronehood. Following research into the meaning of the word Pellar I stopped using the term. Previously I thought it just meant a Cornish word for what I did but I was mistaken. This is why nowadays ‘I do not publicly claim to be a Pellar’.

  5. your blog is really excellent. it inspires the readers who have that great desire to lead a better and happier life. thanks for sharing this information and hope to read more from you.

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  7. I too enjoy cool headed debate of contentious issues. I agreed with the article, A can of worms and feel it can be applied to much regarding the traditions of small communities across the Celtic Isles where traditions and facilities that have been long standing and fuctional but perhaps not quite as romantic in form or practice as new comers have hoped they would be, get polished up and become then the preserve of a local elite as long standing residents then cease to recognise their own tradition.
    This is not to say that all traditional revivalists do this, some simply and well meaningly breathe life into neglected local practises and take great pleasure in seeing the whole community enjoy them again.

  8. Merry meet Cassandra.

    It is such a shame that your work has come under attack and yourself personally. I have enjoyed reading your blogs. I have joined your face book page and have ordered a copy of your book.

    Having come across egotistical folk in the pagan community, I have decided I want no part. Am enjoying learning and walking my path helping others without having to mix with people who do not want to share and learn, but want to bolster their own egos.

    It can be very lonely sometimes, but I love animals more than people. You are very honest and people do not like that. At least though you attract the right people by being honest. Thank you for your teachings, straight to the point fabulous.

  9. For the information of the readers, Gemma Gary and partner moved to Launceston Cornwall in early 2018, but the website still gives the impression that they are still living and working in West Cornwall.

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