15 comments on “A Can of Worms…

  1. I really enjoyed your post. Thank you for your honesty and integrity. For those of us that depend on others for information that would otherwise elude our reach, it is a welcome and appreciated thread of knowledge. –KS Whitten, Shannon, GA, USA

  2. Hear, hear! It’s about time this was said and it needed to come from someone within the same ‘profession’ . Well said.

  3. Hi Cassandra….. Couldn’t agree more! Something Kelvin and I have long felt to be true! Good luck with the op!. Debbie.

  4. Interesting! Claiming heritage is a risky business. That’s why I have found myself avoiding groups on the whole as ego tends to bubble under the surface and then jump up and bite people on the bottom!

  5. As a novice Hedgewitch it is nice to find someone who is not afraid to tell it how it is as sometimes the things one might read can get a bit confusing thankyou..

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  7. What a relief it is to read ‘Can of Worms’, Cassandra! I moved away from Wicca early on because I got a distinct impression that that’s what was happening there and now in TCW I see veins of it even among the well intentioned, too. It’s almost like ‘High Magic’ with its use of hebrew and incredibly complex correspondences in that, while claiming to educate by challenging (which often works very well as I can attest!), its practitioners can come across as arrogant (even if they’re not).
    I see a little of a similar attitude appearing in TCW. At the moment it’s present only in individual beliefs and posts but I’m certain that it will become cast in stone for the whole movement before too long. ‘Eclectic’ is a term that is already being derided and discouraged (and misused). Whenever something becomes a ‘buzz’ word it’s either because it’s completely appropriate or, at the other extreme, used to distract.
    I don’t express myself well so don’t post too much on the forums in case I accidentally light the blue touchpaper of something i don’t mean to so I generally read more than I post. But it’s a relief to be able to make the attempt here and I’m very grateful that you’ve put it so much better than I could. Always a pleasure to read your thoughts! All the best, love to you both, Chris.

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