End of Year Insights


End of Year Insights

I haven’t written in this blog for quite a while as I had to deal with some health issues regarding my eyes.  I’ve also had time to think deeply and consider, or maybe reconsider, some life decisions.

As we approach the end of this year of 2012 it’s a time when many look back on what the year has brought and indeed taken away.  For myself, and for many people I know, it has been a time of letting go of what is outworn or is no longer serving its purpose – almost a time of culling in order to make way for the new life that is yet to be.

Although sometimes this necessary ‘shedding’ is initially painful,  distressing and sometimes shocking, ultimately it brings clarity as the extraneous can often cloud our conceptions of what exactly is happening and why.  This is why we sometimes need a dramatic crisis to shake us out of complacency and into what needs to be changed and ultimately transformed.  Personally speaking, as so much of what I now realise is debris has been cleared, it reveals what is truly important to me – my commitment to my village and community.

I thought that when I retired as village wisewoman of Buryan that I would be able to ease back and just be at hand to advise and help when necessary.  What I now realise is that being a village wisewoman is a lifelong commitment and that it’s just not possible to sit back and not get involved.  Whilst I will not be working in full-time self employment anymore, so in the eyes of the Inland Revenue I am officially retired, that vocational urge to be there for my village or anyone who needs genuine help will remain until I die.

On Friday 28th December it was a Full Moon – the most potent of the year as it was in its own sign of Cancer.  I went out late at night and slowly and purposefully walked the boundaries of the village, acknowledging the spirits of the five, ancient roads that meet around the church as I went.  I hadn’t walked the village limits for many years and I noted that the old boundaries had now extended in order to incorporate the slowly expanding village housing.  Nevertheless, it remained a powerfully, evocative experience and it was fascinating to notice the differing responses I was picking up at each of the roads.  Later on that night the rising energies I was sensing culminated in a wild storm which left a strong sense of catharsis.

So as a direct result of this I will remain in service to my immediate community alongside my very able partner, Laetitia and together we will endeavour to continue to fulfill our commitment to our clients with authenticity and integrity.


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  1. People like you never get retired, Cassandra! Being a wisewoman is your personal dimension 🙂 ! Thank you for being you. Blessings!

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