Would You Lie For Your Partner?

Would You Lie For Your Partner?

I learnt very early on in my life that in order to lie you had to have a very good memory.  Not being  blessed with that particular skill, I found it expedient to develop a way of diverting people away from the subject if I wanted to avoid telling the truth for whatever reason – it’s called cunning.

It’s not only an ethical issue with me, but it is crucial to the well-being of any relationship, in my opinion.  I have always  stated to close friends not to ever expect me to lie for them, because I won’t.  To me, the main thing that marks the death knell of any relationship is when people lie.  Once I know they have done that, and I don’t care what colour untruths are – I don’t hold with ‘little white lies’ – to me that irrevocably changes that relationship and I can never trust them again.  Even if they’re saying really nice things to you, how do you know when they’re telling the truth?

Just recently I have found to my cost that the vast majority of people assume, that if you back up your partner as a witness when their integrity is questioned, then you out of ‘commendable loyalty’ would not be telling the truth.  I can’t tell you how shocked I was when I realised this.  Also I believe that in British Criminal Law a partner/wife/husband is not allowed to give evidence in support of their spouse for the same reason – a sad comment on today’s society where lying is expected.

However, once I entered the Craft many years ago, I also realised the importance of keeping your word.  I personally think that telling lies or not keeping oaths magical or otherwise,  seriously undermines the effectiveness of any magical work.  So much Craft work involves the power of the mind, so if you cannot keep your word, what effect will that have when one commands or petitions spirits?

In conclusion, wouldn’t it make life a little less confusing if everyone was honest in their dealings with others?  I am fully aware of how naive I sound but part of me is a strange mix of being pragmatic and visionary… we live in hope!


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